Wood Apple Dream Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation

Wood Apple

Dreams or dreaming has been seen throughout the ages as a way of peering into the unconscious, which recreates subjects important to one’s life path. The wood apple is a rather infrequent, yet very distinct symbol in the world of dreams, and so when you have had this particular dream, you may be left wondering what it hath meant. Unlike an ordinary apple, which holds its array of connotations that consists of everything from temptation to knowing the apple-tree might signify something about your spiritual journey or enlightenment sleeping.

Understanding this fruit in the decoding of the dream may well point towards a particular difficulty you might encounter or a particular path that you might follow. In this case, the outer shell of the tree apple might imply to a barrier one has to overcome in order to acquire the information or the desirable item. Like with this fruit, one cannot simply or directly indulge in its benefits without having to first remove a rigid and tough skin, so is the message of this dream – it could be a sign that maybe it is time to explore deeper into a certain concern or perhaps more exert efforts to overcome a challenge.

I am sure, fruits have been considered spiritually important in many traditions and apples are known to be symbols of knowledge. If this is taken as a general interpretation of having a wood apple in a dream, the dream also invites one to examine these meanings and further apply them to using intuition or seeking deeper levels of insight. If you found yourself dreaming of a sewing machine, this may mean that the rest is near and you are going to be able to discover something significant soon or to initiate a new phase of self-development.

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