White Apple Dream Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation

White Apple

For as long as man has been able to cognize, there has been pompous fascination with dreams, and for good reason – dreams are the painting board of the human soul, with images reflecting their inner state of being. Symbolisations of the white apple, a fruit representing purity and knowledge may assume great importance when the fruit is depicted in dreams. Literally, it is possible to find more interpretations of such imagery in dreams and their relation to the conscious life of the dreamer.

Though whiteness is still associated with differently positive attributes such as purity, innocence, clarity etc. , the presence of a white apple in a dream may signify different things. It could point toward search for knowledge or enlightenment, or the dreamer’s life featuring a brand new set of opportunities that is free from any form of bias. As Gerhard Neumann agrees, the state and the context of the apple representation, whether it is presented as whole, bitten, or rotten, may add more meaning to the image.

The various symbols in dreams may have different meanings depending on the culture and the person’s perception about those symbols. Just as with the case with bananas, the different cultures of the world view apples in different ways; some attribute apples to symbolize temptation and knowledge that one should not grasp while others view the fruit as symbols of health and longevity. It is therefore possible for a white apple fruit to elucidate on these aspects of purity, temptation or knowledge in a precise or symbolic sense and prompt the dreamer into identifying these in the awake reality.

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