Blue Apple Dream Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation

Blue Apple

Much like popular culture and books, movies can also be quite puzzling and it never ceases to amaze one how many hours one spends trying to figure out what the dream meant. Blue apple in a dream may not be common but if you have one, little do you know that you may wonder what does it signify to dream of such a fruit. Apple is a dream symbol that represents knowledge, temptation or desire as it has been in the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Colour especially when used properly in a picture can also extend information to what is painted in addition to providing aesthetic value that is associated with blue including calmness and sometimes sorrow.

If the apple symbolizes specific notions in your dream, and you have seen the color blue together with the apple, the dream could be showing you a specific merge of two rather important paradigms. On its own, it may represent a desire for knowledge or a problem-solving situation, such as a temptation represented by an apple, while the blue color may signify the need for order with your choices. It might be as simple as an invitation to solve problems in your wake life with a tranquil and philosophical spirit.

As for the meaning of dreaming of blue apples, another option is to indicate the search for the unique or desire to find something that is out of the ordinary. Such a dream may be upholding affirmation lenders to take note a few areas of their lives that defines individualism.

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