Eating Apple Dream Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation

Eating Apple

Humans for centuries have been trying to understand what their dreams mean, and the understanding of dreams can be very helpful in understanding your feelings, fears, wants, and many other things. The interpretation of dream about apple may point to various things in your life and your health condition. Thus, dreaming about apples may also symbolize knowledge, health, and vitality as apples have once served as a symbol of information and nourishment of life.

In order to fully understand that you ate an apple in the dream, one has to take into account the context as well as his or her own past experiences. The state of an apple—be it red, rotten, golden or green — actually changes the way one perceives it. A fresh and red apple may symbolize success and contentment whereas a worm-ridden apple would depict abandon or ignored affairs. The apple being eaten might otherwise symbolize your thirst for something new or your need to get some new information.

In addition, the feelings which a person is experiencing during the dream are also very important for the interpretation. If eating the apple was depicted as pleasure, it could mean a reward such as the fruit, or health. On the other hand, if the experience was not a happy one, the symbol could represent guilt or temptation. These subtleties can help better fit the dream into the overall context of your life and story, offering hints for the path of becoming and the journey of self-actualization.

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