Eve Adamson

Eve Adamson was born and raised in the United States of America. From an early age, she had a special interest in the mystical and the unknown, which later led her down the path of astrology and psychicism. Her journey into the world of astrology began in her teens, when she first experienced the connection between a person’s destiny and the alignment of the stars.

Eve began her study of astrology and psychicism at the age of 20. She immersed herself in the study of esotericism, astrological charts, symbols and dream interpretation techniques. Over the course of several years, she developed her skills and knowledge, which allowed her to discover her ability to interpret dreams and psychic perception. Is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers.

Eve Adamson has offered counseling as an astrologer and psychic for over 29 years. She combines astrological analysis and a deep understanding of dreams in her practice. Eve is convinced that dreams open doors to understanding the deeper aspects of the human soul and destiny.

She is also the author of several publications and books on astrology and dream interpretation, which have found their readers among enthusiasts of these fields. Eve attracts attention with her unique working methods, combining an intuitive approach with in-depth analysis of astrological data.

In addition, Eve Adamson is actively involved in the training and development of young astrologers and psychics, conducting seminars and courses. She is valued in the professional community for her deep experience, intuition and ability to see beyond the obvious.

Dreams and Interpretation