Rotten Apple Dream Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation

Rotten Apple

To dream of a rotten apple has a multitude of meanings and should be viewed in association with the dreamer’s health, or the situation in his/her life. Apples have been associated with health, knowledge and well-being, thus when you find a worm infested or a rotten apple, then this can signal some element of rot, in your waking life. It can be due to physical illnesses, or show a poor state of personal relations, job satisfaction or self-development.

You may see a rotten apple in your dream for example, and this may make you questioning which part of your life may be left unattended or which part is indeed rotten. This imagery may also subliminally encourage individuals to solve issues as soon as they are noticed, in case they will not become too big to handle. The concern isn’t merely physical; it can also be mental and, sometimes, emotional health. Perhaps, recognising the state of the apple will help you to consider aspects in which you need to focus your attention or develop yourself.

If you want to get a more precise meaning of the dream in which you were presented with the rotten apple, you need to consider the situation that was depicted to you. The first aspects that would determine the understanding of the message are the setting, the people present and how you reacted to the rotten apple. Recognizing these details can assist get to the heart of these issues that the dream represents; it could help one change life patterns or work to repair other parts of existence that seem to be deteriorating.

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