Candy Apple Dream Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation

Candy Apple

Seeing candies specifically candy apples can be quite interesting and one is likely to have a number of different emotions once they are dreaming. If one gets a dream of candy apple, perhaps the thoughts of bliss filled with satisfaction are not very far off as candy apple is usually associated with festivities and laughter. They convey a feeling of being paid back or satisfaction with life or the welfare of more simple things. As it is mentioned, candy apples are associated with fairs or any special event, so they might signify the anticipation of a celebration or the longing for a happier period in life.

Still, if a dream involves candy apple, other elements around the picture can affect the interpretation a lot. For example, the quality of the candy apple—shiny and inviting on arrival, or old and grimy a couple of days later—can thus imply one thing or the other. Therefore, if a candy apple has not been tampered with, then it may mean that the dreamer is having a sweet moment in life or would like to have one, but if the candy apple is bad, then it means that the chances that the dreamer might have had were spoiled. Similarly, the edible segment of the ad, wherein a woman takes a bite from a candy apple, may symbolise gluttony, or contentment in performance.

Candy apple dreams are easily interpreted through analyzing the feelings of the dream and the event related to the candy apple. These dreams can be true to life very much and may focus on such aspects of life as happiness, temptation or consequences following certain decisions. Waking up and analyzing these dreams can help the person involved know something about themselves or their feelings that they never knew, and at times, this could just be a form of counselling or an education on the person’s inner world.

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