Black Apple Dream Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation

Black Apple

Dreams are actually the sub-consciousness of the human being, in some way, displaying, their secrets and concerns. At times, it may seem quite mysterious while experiencing this dream, especially when it comes to a black apple, while apples are associated with health, knowledge, and life. Nonetheless, the black color in dreams singles out the dark unknown aspects deeply rooted in the unconscious mind or the factors unknown to a dreamer. It can thus be quite a powerful and explicit message from your mind when you find the symbol of black jointly with apple.

Breaking the dream down to a black colored apple is a two pronged process that requires a look at the object symbol of the apple in general which symbolizes temptation, knowledge, and potential. The white shade could refer to purity and cleanliness or it could convey a sense of innocence and vulnerability A Black color option could refer to depth and richness of color or it could evoke the emotions of fear or the unknown. If you find yourself holding a black apple in your hand in a dream, it is a wake-up call for the subconscious to share some of its concerns with the conscious mind.

In interpreting this dream, you need to put into account your life situation, subject sensations, and thoughts within the recent days. What other important details might a black apple in your dream convey, it is necessary to look into the environment surrounding it. For example, if you grab a pencil while trying to eat a fruit that is black-colored, then such a vision may be interpreted as signifying chances of a risky decision or a moral dilemma in the near future. On the other hand, if you pick an apple on your own but it is black, it will shed light on other people’s control of your decisions on the conscious level. In other words, it is vital not to discard the idea of having unique symbols in dreams, meaning that the dreamer must link the meaning of certain symbols to his/her life experiences.

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