Bitten Apple Dream Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation

Bitten Apple

In reference to dreams, one expert stated that dreams may help an individual handle feelings or problems that are not easily addressed consciously. If you get bitten by an apple in your dream then you should understand that this is actually a symbolism from the world of Apple. A more significant number of the apples are used in different mythological systems around the world and in religions where their attributes range from spirituality and knowledge to temptation and soul transformation. I learned that if an apple in your dream is bitten, this means that this is one of those symbols that is not universal depending on the dream only but on the current experiences or the position of this dreamer.

When it comes to the bitten apple in your dream, it is important to understand how it relates to your current situation as it can regard your interpersonal relationships or task.
Apple can be symbolic of your interpersonal relationships, or it can symbolize your personal struggles in general. For instance, a bitten apple may signify betrayal or being betrayed in a relationship as it is an interpretation of experience of infidelity. It may suggest that you are struggling with a craving or a concern that is somehow sinful or objectionable to you on some level, in terms of your personal beliefs. Similarly, the sensation of biting into the apple may also signify taking an action, which can be an indication of your preparedness to address a particular situation or to make an important decision in your life.

If you want to decipher a message your sub-conscious is putting across, then it is advisable to consider the feelings that were associated with the event or dream. Is there tension Avol, guilt Leila, satisfaction Tom, or liberation Eve felt after eating the forbidden fruit?It is easy, therefore, to gain insight on the nature of the problems or the relationships that the bitten apple emblem symbolizes using your feelings. Hence, considering the mood, tone and emotions linked to these dreams, as well as the details themselves, you are able to decipher exactly what your subconscious is trying to tell you and move forward from there, rather than being overwhelmed when you wake up from a spooky dream.

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